The Mount Martha Fire Brigade currently has over 30 active fire fighters on its books. Fire fighters respond to a variety of incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Some of the incidents these members respond to are: Structure & Non-structure fires, Grass & scrub fires, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Gas leaks, rescues, assist police/paramedics and community services to name a few.

Our members may also be deployed during Major Incidents and Fires on local or interstate strike teams. These deployments can be anywhere from 12 hours to a week, with most members sacrificing pay during these times. Some recent notable deployments for the brigade have been: Gippsland Fires (2019) , NSW Fires (2019) Bunyip (2019) , Camperdown Fires (2018) , Gembrook Fires (2018) , SA Floods (2016) , State Bushfires (2015) , NSW fires, Morwell coal mine fires, Gippsland fires, BHP pickling line fire, to numerous places during the Black Saturday fires as well as the flood events in 2011.

Brigade Support Team

The B.S.T or Brigade Support Team, are an integral part of the brigade.

The majority of members are non-operational but still help the brigade by providing catering at large incidents and around the station. Other tasks undertaken by the team include routinely checking hydrants, delivering the Fire Safe Kids program and various other administration/housekeeping duties.

The B.S.T also play an integral part during campaign fires by establishing and manning Staging Areas for the duration of large incidents.

Junior Volunteer

The Junior Volunteer Development Program (JVDP) is a youth development program that provides a wide variety of safe, enjoyable and challenging activities, which enhance a sense of community spirit and personal values, with an awareness of fire and fire safety, and strengthens links between brigades and their communities.

The objectives of the program are to:

provide young people with a sense of place in their community,
provide an awareness of the need for and benefits of volunteerism,
enhance personal values such as commitment, responsibility and respect for self and others,
increase the opportunity for future recruitment and volunteer involvement in the CFA whilst making a proactive contribution to the safety and wellbeing of Victorian communities,
to make friends and have fun.
For further information about the Junior Volunteer Development Program please email us.


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